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Calicut Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre is a well equipped, authentic and traditional 150 bedded treatment centre in Kerala, India, located adjacent to the 'Iruthully' river at Chathamangalam(NIT), a tranquil and relaxing place in Calicut district. The main objective of the team behind the hospital is to promote and present the thousands of century past health science in its purest form, as the ultimate remedy for each and every illness modern man faces today.

Diseases like Arthritis, Skin Diseases, Allergy, Sinusitis, Head ache, Low back ache, cervical and Lumber Spondylosis, Disc Prolapse, Diabetes, Hypertension etc. are treated here with atmost care.

We also have special units for Heart block, Diabetes, Piles, Kidney Stone, BPH, Mother and Child health etc.

Modern man is in the grip of tremendous stress and strain, stemming from education, employment, business, family, public life, not to mention journeys with out rest for days on end and unhealthy diet habits. if one adds to it the health problems created by our daily intake of fat and sugar, excessive use of medicines and lack of exercise, one thinks of man as a prey hotly pursued by some awful predators. Needless to say, even steel engines are in need of some rest and maintenance. Man, however, thinks about his own health only when he falls ill. Ayurveda strikes a starkly contrastive attitude towards man's health. One does not have to wait for diseases, to take care of one's health.

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ayurveda treatments   ayurveda treatments  

ayurveda treatments   ayurveda treatments