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A Relaxing environment is vital to the restorative process. That is the main reason why Calicut Ayurveda Hospital is strategically situated at Chathamangalam, a tranquil and beautiful place which is 15 km away from the heart of Calicut city.

Still it is not an isolated or desolate place far from reach. National Institute of  Technology(N.I.T Campus) is just 1 k.m away from the hospital. It stands less than 20 k.m away from the Calicut railway station and bus stand and about 30 km away from Calicut international Air port.

We have lots of tourists from other countries coming for the rejuvenation promised by Yoga and Ayurvedic massages. In this respect, we provide a nice blend of top class medical expertise at attractive prices which will be helpful for foreign patients, including patients from the UK, US, UAE, China etc. Our treatment centre is well equipped, proficient and could measure up to or even out shine any other Ayurveda treatment centers in the state.

Calicut Ayurveda engaged in providing stress relief solution, ayurvedic stress management therapy that covers Ayurvedic massage therapy, Shirodhara treatment, Nasya treatment, Bashpa svedana, Lifestyle management, yoga and diet management.

Our hygienic maintained accommodation facilities includes,

  • General ward
  • Single rooms
  • Double rooms (A/C & non A/C)
  • Cottages (various types with A/C & Non A/C)


  Energize yourself naturally

Calicut Ayurveda introducing 7 days Rejuvenation package which Includes:

1) Ayurvedic massage
2) Pizhichil or Sidrodhara
3) Yoga & Meditation.
4) Diet prescribed by the Physician (Kerala style veg. food)
5) Fitness exercise.


• Total relaxation of body & mind.
• Relieves body pain.
• Reduce stress
• Increases energy level
• Improve general health.

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ayurveda treatments   ayurveda treatments  

ayurveda treatments   ayurveda treatments